Philips Hue

I noticed Philips Hue long time ago while I was scrolling through the thirdparty-products on Apple’s website and immediately liked the idea of controlling your lighting with a mobile device and even more being able to let it turn it self on and off automatically depending on how you’d set them up.

However I thought they were WAY to expensive for a gadget you’d use from time to time.

Nevertheless I kept myself up to date about this new product and thirdparty-applications.

At the company I was employed at as a working student I was paid ten vacation-days a year and I decided to spend this money entirely on tech-stuff. So make an educated guess what the first thing I got myself was. đŸ˜‰

I then walked in the Munich Apple Store with 290€ of my tech-money and came back out with the Hue Starter Pack, including the WiFi-Bridge and three bulbs, one Hue LightStrip and a huge smile. The cashier asked me, if I knew how the product works and if I needed instructions provided by him. I laughed and told him, I’ve probably watched every YouTube-video about the lights out there.

When I got home I mounted the bulbs and the lightstrip in the places I have planned to put them long ago. The places were behind my desk, on my wardrobe, in a lamp standing on a nightstand for the three bulbs and behind my bed for the LightStrip. You can see how this looked below in the picture, I made with my OlloClip. (btw: Don’t ever get an OlloClip.)

Setup consisting of three bulbs and one lightstrip as well as tho lampclips.

Setup consisting of three bulbs and one LightStrip as well as tho lampclips.

My setup stayed like this for a very long time and I turned them on about every second or third day and used a couple of thirdparty-applications, but that was it. I didn’t regret buying them, but nonetheless they weren’t as cool as I expected them to be. This was changed because of some events.

Why I started using Hue more

1. More bulbs

I got myself one additional bulb – again for what I think is a lot of money for a “lightbulb”. I also put this one on my wardrobe making it two bulbs sitting on my wardrobe and lighting towards the center of my room (looks way better, than what my iPhone and the OlloClip reproduced on the picture above. Same applies to all lights in this picture. The flow is much more consistent and softer.)


2. Apps


3. iOS 8/ Widgets



Philips Hue LED Bulb combined with the Philips Hue LightStrips.

Philips Hue LED Bulb combined with the Philips Hue LightStrips.

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